Cayoma® Olive

Cayoma Olive

Trade Name:  Cayoma® Olive
INCI-Denomination: Aqua, Olea Europaea Leaf Extract, Olea Europaea Fruit Extract,  Alcohol 
Dermal requirements: 
Skin Irritation            
           Even Skin Tone
           Premature Skin Aging
           Skin Regeneration
           Skin Whitening / Skin Lightening

Naturally derived anti-aging active with strong antioxidant, UV protection and anti-inflammatory properties. Cayoma® Olive is a fruit and leaves extract of olives with a high level of Polyphenols and Hydroxytyrosol. The protective effect of the test compound against oxidative stress induced by UV-B in-vitro demonstrated a very high protection level in the epidermis. Cayoma® Olive prevents protein damage induced by long-wave UV-irradiation in human melanoma cells, thus providing UV-protection in the dermis. The extract effectively regenerates the functions of the epidermis and soothens irritated skin. Cayoma®  Olive is effective against age-spots. In vitro studies on human melanocytes have shown, that the active ingredient decreases melanin production significantly. At the same time the glutathione content is significantly increased, which results in a reproduction of only the light soluble pheomelanin. An increased glutathione content supports the body's own defense mechanisms substantially. Cayoma® Olive can be used in a range of skin care applications and is effective even at low concentration levels.