Cayoma® Ginkgo

Cayoma Ginkgo

Trade Name: Cayoma® Ginkgo
INCI-Denomination: Aqua, Ginkgo biloba Leaf Extract, Alcohol 
Dermal requirements: 
            Wrinkle Reduction
            Skin Irritation
            Skin Regeneration
            Problem Skin 
Naturally derived anti-aging active with strong anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. Cayoma® Ginkgo is a leaf extract of the Ginkgo biloba tree with a high Flavone Glycoside and Ginkgolide content. Ginkgolides are only found in Ginkgo trees in nature. They are responsible for the anti-inflammatory properties of Cayoma® Ginkgo.
The accumulation of oxygen-free radicals is an important contributor to age-related damage processes of the skin. Flavone Glycosides are strong antioxidants and protect the skin against oxygen-free radicals. They also protect the skin against the peroxidation of lipids which play an important role in the function of cell membranes.
Cayoma® Ginkgo can be used in a range of skin care applications and is effective even at low concentration levels.